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Why have lottery results on your web site?
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 Why have lottery results on your web site?

Lotteries are an ever-growing trend with more than 90% of the US population living in a lottery gaming state. Lotteries are the most common form of gambling in North America. No wonder! For a brief moment, every ticket sold creates a marvelous fantasy. People can easily imagine all the spectacular places they'd like to travel and the awesome things they'd like to buy. People in the US spent $48.8 billion, during 2004, on lotteries. (click here to see statistics) and 57% of the US population claims to have purchased a lottery ticket within the last year. The possibility of becoming a MILLIONAIRE captivates us all.

Millions of people, around the world, devote time and money into playing lotteries. Web sites that post lottery results offer their visitors a valuable service that encourages them to return to the site. Government-operated lotteries exist in more than 100 countries around the world. Lottery games exist in:
  • More than 40 U.S. states
  • Every Canadian province
  • The United Kingdom.
Maintaining accurate, reliable and timely lottery results will substantially increase daily traffic to your site. Every week, millions of people devote time to:
  • Examining a Variety of Lotteries for the Biggest Jackpot's
  • Analyzing the Ranking and Frequency of Numbers Drawn
  • Choosing a "Wheeling" or Grouping System
  • Simply Checking Tickets against Winning Numbers
Lottery postings offer a tremendous opportunity to capture additional web traffic. You can easily increase your web exposure, while providing a value-added service to your customers. Furthermore, increased traffic is likely to result in increased sales for your site.

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