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XML Format

We provide two, XML, data feed formats. We will assign you an FTP account for 24X 7 access to our XML data feeds. We can also schedule to send our XML data feeds to your server at the times you request.

 XML Format A

XML Format A combines lottery drawing results and jackpot information in one file. It has a timestamp to show the last update time of the lottery results.

Click here to see a sample XML Format A data feed.

 XML Format B

XML Format B contains comprehensive lottery drawing information. It is the format that most of our clients choose to use. There are 4 XML files in which you might only need 2 of them: all_results.xml and all_jackpots.xml. Click here to download a zip file contains all the 4 sample format B xml files.
XML Format B Files
all_results.xml Current drawing results.
all_jackpots.xml Current and previous jackpot information.
all_states_info.xml State information, includes name, ID, games, official sites, etc.
all_games_info.xml State gaming information, includes game names, game IDs, state, draw days, draw time, etc.

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