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Lottery Data, a long standing leader in providing lottery content to media outlets, is renowned for providing accurate, reliable and timely lottery content.
Accurate Our state-of-the-art, data entry system is designed to achieve the highest level of accuracy and eliminate human errors. Lottery data is manually entered into our system and automatically double-checked for correctness once it is entered. To achieve maximum accuracy, we initiate, yet, another check of all data entries in the early morning following a draw.
Reliable Our automated system will perform range checking, date checking, duplicate draw checking, duplicate number checking, etc. to ensure that we provide data that is trustworthy.
Timely Within minutes of lottery drawings, we are capable to gather the data and provide you with results. We provide near, real-time updates of most lottery and jackpot results. Most updates can be obtained within five to ten minutes following the draw. For multi-state lotteries, such as PowerBall, Mega Millions, Lotto South, California Super Lotto, etc., we provide real-time results, consistent with live TV coverage of the drawing.
Patent Pending uses a patent-pending process to collect, analyze, and present lottery data. Our patent-pending process is the best in the world, and allows you and or your visitors to get the most up to date, accurate, and interactive lotto content available anywhere.
We provide lottery data in a variety of data feed formats to suit our customers. We offer pre-packaged HTML formats, XML formats and TEXT formats. For our customers, requiring specialized formats, we will design a customized data feed format to meet those special needs.

Our Lottery Feed Formats
 XML Two XML Formats:
  • A. Detailed lottery and jackpot results
  • B. Simplified lottery and jackpot results
 HTML Five Pre-packaged HTML formats.
  • A. Regular text, 20 fonts
  • B. Regular text, 20 fonts, with lottery tools and links in icons
  • C. Big text, 20 fonts, with lottery tools and links in text
  • D. Regular text, 20 fonts
  • E. Regular text, 20 fonts, with lottery tools and links in pop-ups
 TEXT Several text-based formats, most suitable for newsletter and email applications.

Our pre-packaged HTML formats are maintenance free, following a 3-minute, one-time, easy set-up. Pre-packaged HTML formats are automatically updated the meantime with our sites. Lottery data pages reside on your own server and you have the full flexibility to make changes. NO data transfer is need. We provide a variety of color options and unique features, not found anywhere else on the web. Over ten optional, plug-in lottery tools may be integrated with the flexibility to be modified to suit your needs. Integrated lottery tools include, Recent Results, Numbers Archive, Smart Picks, Quick Picks and more. (click here here to see an example of our client's site).

We provide two XML formats, one with detailed lottery and jackpot results and another with more simplified results. We can provide you with an FTP account to access our XML data feed 24X7 or we will send data to your server during time intervals that you request.

TEXT-based data feeds are available in a number of formats to suit individual needs. These formats are most suitable for newsletters and email applications. We can provide you with an FTP account to access our text-based data feed 24X7 or we will send text-based data to your server at requested time intervals.

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